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The Double Nine Festival,The deep love for old people

2017/06/27 SHARE US:

To respect, love, help the old people is the traditional virtue of Chinese nation.

October 9th is a traditional Chinese festival, the Double Nine Festival which is also a festival for the elderly. On that day, Anyang Zhongxin Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd led by Disabled persons' federation of Henan province donated a batch of 120000 yuan worth of rehabilitation equipment to eight nursing home, including walkers, manual wheelchairs, commode chairs, etc.

The Disabled persons' federation staff said, ‘donating rehabilitation equipment is just one of the Double Ninth activities that we carry out, and then we will also continue to visit disabled, to assist people with disabilities and other related activities, through these activities aroused the concern of the society for the disabled, let the more loving people in our society to care for the disabled, care for the disabled people.

The company general manager Xueming Yang also said, ‘people will be old in the future, caring for the elderly is to take care of ourselves. We do not only responsible for the company, but also should be more socially responsible, dedicated ourselves to the charity.’ On that day, about 300 members of elderly people had been donated, hundred good filial first, we hope the donation can bring a joy to the old people, let everyone of them longevity and health. 

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