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  • ZX-QGC01
  • ZX-QGC01
  • ZX-QGC01
  • ZX-QGC01
  • ZX-QGC01


    This knee walker is suitable for the people who are injury and surgery on the foot, ankle, lower legs. You can place the weight of your body on the walker's knee pad. This allows your leg to be non-weight bearing and allows it to rest while moving around.

    Item NO.: ZX-QGC01
    Overall(length* width): 80*53cm
    Overall height: 78-108cm
    Weight capacity: 150kg
    Package: 80*46*46cm

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    • The adjusting knob under the cushion makes it more flexible. The height of the knee cushion can be adjusted through the knob to satisfy your needs. The knee cushion can be detachable when you pack.

    • The steering column is easy to fold down. It is very convenient for transport and compact storage. and the height of handle is adjustable by one button.

    • The shopping basket is very convenient for the user outside. It is removable, and various basket styles are optional.


    • Knee cushion

      The contoured knee cushion is comfortable. You won't feel tired when you put your leg on it even for a long time. The left and right leg are compatible.

    • The smaller PU wheels

      The four wheels are all made of PU. They are durable. There are many holes on the wheel that it can reduce the effect of shock absorption.

    • With handle brake

      The knee walker will be locked when you push down the double cable brake, the handle brake has a locking mechanism, it is safer when you stop.

    • The steel frame

      The whole integral steel tube welded frame provides stability and durability. It is steerable and it can be folded in a small size.It is economy and durable.

    product size

    ZX-QGC02 Overall length Overall width Overall height Knee pad height Front caster Rear wheel N.W G.W Weight capacity Package
    88cm 53cm 78-106cm 47-60cm 20cm 20cm 10kg 13kg 150kg 79*43*40cm

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